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Dr. Jennifer Potts
Executive Director

Dr. Jennifer Potts is an expert in Small Business Sustainability. She works fearlessly for Center Street Marketplace BID 39, through the approved Operating Plan under the guidance of the Board of Directors. Dr. Potts was asked to lead the BID board in 2014 by the City of Milwaukee. She took on the role with dignity, caution, and grace. She has earned a Doctorate in Business Administration, a MBA, as well as a published author. She also owns a School, a Notary Company, a footcare company, a product line company, as well as a Nonprofit, all located on Center Street in the BID.

Dr. Potts serves in her role as a volunteer and limited staffer with the BID board currently and in the past (for many years), she also was the former Chairperson of the Board, in an unpaid position as she is committed to Center Street. Dr. Potts, along with the Board of Directors are hands on within the BID. She and her family own commercial property on Center Street and have their business in the BID District. Dr. Potts and her family also live in Sherman Park. She is a lifelong Wisconsin resident. She is a Service Connected Disabled American Veteran, being overseas twice in the US Army, as well as service in the Continental United States both active duty and reservist right in the City of Milwaukee. She is active within the Veteran Community and looks forward to seeing Center Street continue to thrive through supporting current businesses as well as helping other businesses locate on Center Street. 

Dr. Potts believes in Center Street, as well as the focal point of "one Milwaukee". Meaning that Center Street should look like every other part of the great city of Milwaukee, with resources, support and products for the small business owners. The entire Board of Directors are committed to cleaning up the quality of life for Center Street and beyond and subscribe to a selfless vision, whereas Dr. Potts also volunteers most of her time to the BID board, unpaid. She believes that with all hands-on deck, the businesses will eventually have equal opportunity, even in this pocket of the Central City, of which is often forgotten about. Why don't you take some time to meet Dr. Potts and understand her philosophy for her role within the Commercial Corridor. 

Doctoral research and study area     

"Strategies to Sustain Small Retail Businesses for More than  5 - Years"

Richard Riley College of Education and Leadership

Walden University, 2018


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